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Ragamour Ragdolls is a small, home based cattery in Boulder, Colorado.  We offer sweet, doted on kittens to families about to embark on the Ragdoll experience.  We are TICA registered (38288) and we pride ourselves on being available for any questions you may have before or after you get your kitten.



Our kittens are $900 and are sold as pet kittens.  If you fall in love with a specific kitten, you may place a three day hold on that kitten for a $20 fee.  That fee will be applied to the purchase price.  A deposit of $450 is then placed for your choice of kitten. Choice of kitten is by deposits received.  1st deposit will get first choice of kitten, 2nd deposit will get second choice of kitten.  



Kittens come with a contract and a 1 year health guarantee.  Kittens receive their first shots and in most cases are spayed/neutered at buyer's expense before you adopt.  The TICA papers are provided upon proof of spay or neuter.



I don't take a deposit until after a litter is born.  But once the babies are here, they tend to go quickly.  So get your deposit in as soon as possible for the best possible choice for your family.